1-2 cups Almond milk, 1 frozen banana, maple syrup, cinnamon. Topped with coconut.

I knew it would be good but oh my GOD it’s delicious.

Today I made a promise to Lake Michigan that I would heal myself and heal the world! I’ve stayed up way later than I should to prepare myself to dive into the Ayurvedic lifestyle!

Forgot to tell you all- hiatus while I’m at rainbow gathering!! I’m on my way now, very excited. When I get back my life won’t be so hectic and I’ll get better at being a person w a blog.

Today I:

  • Woke up early 
  • Watched a documentary about 3 restaurants called Spinning Plates
  • Made veg/gluten-free pancakes (see previous post)
  • Went to my new friend’s farm and helped him weed/deal with bunny issues
  • Went across the street to Moah’s Ark, met Mo, toured her farm
  • Hung out with Mo’s chickens a bit
  • Came home with some fresh veggies
  • Made this stir-fry
  • Became a registered food handler
  • Made a Mate Latte
  • Wrote this post

Good day, I’d say!

Good morning!!

Stay tuned for my first quinoa bowl recipe!


i personally feel that fruit is being overlooked. it is so amazing!! its delicious, good for you, and theres so many kinds to choose from. i feel like if people replaced junk food with fruit they would feel and look so much better. 

I love how I’m always finding new vegan products or there! Like, this must actually be a really big movement that’s totally on it’s way and that’s awesome.