Today I made a promise to Lake Michigan that I would heal myself and heal the world! I’ve stayed up way later than I should to prepare myself to dive into the Ayurvedic lifestyle!

Forgot to tell you all- hiatus while I’m at rainbow gathering!! I’m on my way now, very excited. When I get back my life won’t be so hectic and I’ll get better at being a person w a blog.

Today I:

  • Woke up early 
  • Watched a documentary about 3 restaurants called Spinning Plates
  • Made veg/gluten-free pancakes (see previous post)
  • Went to my new friend’s farm and helped him weed/deal with bunny issues
  • Went across the street to Moah’s Ark, met Mo, toured her farm
  • Hung out with Mo’s chickens a bit
  • Came home with some fresh veggies
  • Made this stir-fry
  • Became a registered food handler
  • Made a Mate Latte
  • Wrote this post

Good day, I’d say!

Good morning!!

Stay tuned for my first quinoa bowl recipe!


i personally feel that fruit is being overlooked. it is so amazing!! its delicious, good for you, and theres so many kinds to choose from. i feel like if people replaced junk food with fruit they would feel and look so much better. 

I love how I’m always finding new vegan products or there! Like, this must actually be a really big movement that’s totally on it’s way and that’s awesome.

"To take a step back: shit itself isn’t bad. Shit has long been the farmer’s friend, fertilizer for his fields, from which he grows food for his animals, whose meat goes to people and whose shit goes back to fields. Shit became a problem only when Americans decided we wanted to eat more meat than any other culture in history and pay historically little for it."

Eating Animals, Jonathan Safran Foer (via vegan-veins)